Get Ready For CAMM(California Micromouse Competition)

CAMM(California Micromouse Competition) will take place on Sunday May 12th, 2013 at University of California, San Diego. The Competition is currently open to college students only, and lots of team will compete in this event even include team from China and Europe.

Since what I know is they are still using the combo with wood wall and plastic post, I will go there one day earlier to leave me enough time to test on maze, just in case something unexpected will happen. Basically I am ready to compete at this moment.

What I am worried about was still the fishbone. Since I had an issue that the mouse sometime turn one cell early if I detect and correct longitude position for mouse, and now I fixed it. Other than that, nothing really I can do at this moment since the sensor values are different there anyway.

Here is the video I tested on fishbone.

The rule there is a typical IEEE rule, ex. 30 second penalty, except they allow you to pick up mouse and put back to starting corner without any penalty. This year they also allow contestant to pick up mouse at starting corner to clean the tire to do some other adjust without having any penalty(which is a good news for me, so I don’t have to step into the maze in order to reach the mouse : ) ).

As long as I can do blind run accurately, I think my mouse will be fine since flash is not allowed during the event.

video for blind run

I waited for year for this event, wish I have good luck and have some fun there.

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