updates, kinda ready for APEC 2013

Green Giant V2.2 fix

I had my mouse crashed on wall with pretty fast speed couple times 2 weeks ago consequently damaged 2 of the sensor mounts. Since ordering new mount will take too much time on waiting especially APEC 2013 is pretty close, I decided to re-mount the  sensors in an old fashion way.

Obviously the aligning won’t be as good as before, but the result isn’t that back as what I tested. As the lesson learned this time, I will definitely use epoxy glue instead of regular super glue to glue the mount on board because super glue wasn’t that good as I expected. besides, since epoxy is going to stiffer than super glue when it dries to provided better protection for sensor mount. I will keep using sensor mount for my next mouse and some necessary modification will be made in future to make it stronger

0.5m curve

So far, I made my mouse went center and return with pivot turn instead of curve turn since I kinda stuck on how to write code to make curve turn behaved as I expected. I designed a curve turn runs at 50cm/s avg speed(sketch is showed above), but the control for the movement isn’t that good so far, still need to work on it. Hope I can make curve turn by APEC this year:)

5 thoughts on “updates, kinda ready for APEC 2013

  1. yeah, but I still can’t go curve turn well since there are slippage, I will consider to take video when I have time to test on maze, thanks for you concern.

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