PCB delivered :)

I got my PCB for both my mouse and FTDI, lipo charge board delivered.
Can’t wait to get everything assembled.

IMG_0840_resize bought 10 each and got 11 for each, buy 10 get one free 🙂assist board

top 2 are FTDI board, the bottom ones are Lipo chargers

IMG_0825_resize mount motor mount onto Green Giant V2.2, along with sensor mountIMG_0827_resize IMG_0828_resize IMG_0836_resize IMG_0833_resize IMG_0830_resize IMG_0829_resize

that’s how I fit the sensor mount perfectly onto the board.

I will make revision for 3.0 version since I made better version already.

Hopefully I can get everything assembled Friday.


3 thoughts on “PCB delivered :)

  1. Nice-made PCB. Where did you order them? From seeedstudio.com (fusion PCB service)? And another question: Why did you make own FTDI board? You can buy the same one on ebay for $7 with free shipping (ex.: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FTDI-Basic-Breakout-USB-TTL-ASP-6-PIN-3-3-5V-for-Arduino-MWC-MultiWii-IMU-/261055693347?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc821c223 ). I now, that self-made ftdi is lit bit cheaper, but you waste pcb surface on your order, and also waste time for soldering;)

    • Hi,
      I ordered PCB from itead studio, a copy of seeed studio. They provide same service with cheaper price(or same price with free 100% E-test where seeed studio only does 50% e-test for free). However, I ordered my FTDI board from BATCH PCB because I only need 2 of them and overall cost will be cheaper if order my FTDI, charger and bluetooth module adapter together from batchpcb(blue tooth module is still on the way for delivering since they somehow separated my order…).
      I have sparkfun FTDI adapter with me. The reason I made this is because , I will need both DTR and RTS when sparkfun FTDI board only has DTR and CTS since I need both DTR and RTS to make auto download circuit(I mentioned at some other post). I also prefer 2×3 pin port layout instead of 1×6 cuz it will be more stable for pin to FTDI board when connected with mouse PCB and 2×3 port is easier for mouse space management. Some people make 2x4pin port interface since they use STLINK to debug and upload code but I don’t have it:). If you just want to simply download code, a 3 pin port interface will be enough for you. Also, there is no current limiting resistor for TX and RX on sparkfun version of FTDI board, and my does.

      • Thanks for the info. FYI Seeed now has 100% e-test free now. I really appreciate how you’re posting about your progress and process. Best of luck at APEC!

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