new idea on a updated design

Green Giant V3.1 SL













I updated my design for my lite version micromouse recently, and I successfully added way more components than I expected to this PCB design, now it’s named as ‘super lite'(SL) instead of lite(L). I added a eeprom, 8M osc in order to run it at 168MHz, and a flash detector. however, I removed the LED display since I reduced the total length of my mouse to 90.5mm now and I think I don’t need LED display for competition because my 2.0 version mouse has a LED display already. I also thicken the track for motor drivers. This is likely be my mouse for competition next year. I was trying to make it lighter than Kato’s tetra but seems I can no longer make it since I was trying to add as many devices as possible, too greedy, isn’t it? hahaha.

Now I still have a problem to find proper support material between 2 ball bearings for my motor mount, I printed a think plastic spacer(3.4×2.3.7mm) at and will likely got delivered by this Friday. Let’s hope it will be strong enough to support the pressure between 2 ball bearings. I will have this updated once I get my test results.

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