2019 All America Micromouse Competition: Pictures/Video/Results

2019 All America Micromouse Competition was held at UCLA(University of Califorina, Los Angeles) Ackerman Center Bruin Reception Room on May 25th, 2019.

Other than hosting this event at Student Activity Center for the past couple years, UCLA IEEE decided to host this annual event at a better location(Bruin Reception Room at Ackerman Center), with more reasonable room layout along with more space availability.

Once the UCLA IEEE officer finished setting the competition maze, all entries were allowed to enter the room to make the last minute practice at a smaller maze set aside of the competition maze, and obviously, the competition maze was covered by the time.

The competition maze was later revealed after all the entries turn in their mouse

at 1:30PM, right after a brief opening ceremony, the maze was reveal to the audiences, hence the competition getting started.

I setup 2 camera this time, one is the top camera that shoot downwards to the maze to give the best view to keep track of the movement of all mice. The other camera was set on one of the corners of the maze to cover both the maze and the audiences.
Here are video from these 2 cameras, shot in 4K30FPS as always:

Top Cam: (including the competition, demo)

Side Cam: (including the competition, demo and the award ceremony)

I performed a simple demo with my mouse to give audience a better idea of how an advanced Micromouse would looked like. I also provided some useful tips in terms of the strategy should be considered in between different Micromouse Competitions.

For all the pictures taken during the event, please click here

Final Results:
1st place: Rat Brain, CSU Chico, 1:15.677
2nd place: Channa Mouseala, UCLA, 1:33.657
3rd place: NA310, UCLA, 1:35.343
4th place Hermes, UCLA, 1:50.153
most cell traversed: Team Squared (16), 46 cells
best 1st year: Team ORPHANS
mighty mouse: Full Tilt, UCR

Here is the score for each team: Link
Thanks UCLA IEEE to share this with me!

The event hand gone through successfully and ended with lots laughter while taking the group pictures.

Once again, congratulations to all the entries for winning the prizes or enjoying the whole year of making micromouse with your teammates!

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