My 2015-2017 Micromouse Details Update

For those who are interested with the design details of my Micromouse Green Giant for the past 2 years, here is the good news for you. I’ve updated the design of mouse for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, including detailed specs, schematics, layouts, images and videos.

You can go check the update at or click the link below:

or click the “WIKI” tab on the top of this site


7 thoughts on “My 2015-2017 Micromouse Details Update

  1. Looks great 🙂
    I have got some questions:

    What material and 3d printer do you use? The parts look so nice, I don’t recognize the layers.

    Do you do some experiments with shape of fan, its size and size of hole in DPS?

    Do you use some extra parts on mouse bottom? I mean some “skirt” to cover the space between DPS and maze desk?

    Why extra front sensor in the middle? It is scanning large distance?

    Thanks for answers.


    • the mount from GG4.2 to GG5.19V were resin based material and made by my friend. They aren’t strong enough in fact, and I had to replacement frequently since they cracked during collisions. I am switching to CNCed motor mount since then.

      I had no experience of fan shape, just mimic the design from others, with similar shape and size, and it just worked without knowing if it is running at best efficiency. So far the power/suction force ratio is acceptable, so I keep it this way since I have something else to focus.

      There are skates underneath the PCB to seal the gap, I will update the picture on the back of PCB later on, thanks for reminding.

      the middle sensor is for farther range, you are very smart 😀

      • Thanks for info 🙂

        I was too corious so today I printed new test fan and base according to your style – fan is bigger than hole in PCB. The resupt – this one is almost twice as effective as variant with hole the same size as fan.

        I do some small page with photos here:

        Parts are printed from ABS, layer thickness 0.2 mm.

          • I’ve posted the picture of the back of Green Giant 5.19V as you requested.
            glad you have 3D printer access for fast prototyping.
            If you are not able to drive your mouse to the fastest possible speed(or close) as what other people did for their non-fan mouse, going with suction fans won’t help too much for your understanding of micromouse.
            If suggest you make a competitive non-fan mouse with 1717 motor first.
            Anyway, that was my suggestion.

  2. You are right 😉
    I am testing the fan suction for last month (other shapes and smaller DC motor) for possible linefollower use (it is not prohibited in middle Europe competitions).

    About micromouse, several years ago I built one with 1717 as my batchelor thesis, but with Atmega. Now I have one quite simmilar to your Futura project, with Pololu motors, STM and no fan for practise and for making better and complex firmware.

  3. Hi!

    I have a doubt about your 2016-2017 project.

    Why do you use so many voltage regulators? I understand that the association of a swicther regulator and a linear regulador decreases the output noise and the regulator heating, but why do you use so many linear regulators?

    Specialy, why do you power the IR receiver system from a different source than the microcontroller? Don’t you have any trouble with the internal comparison between different references?

    Thank you!

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