Found a proper container for my mouse

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What I used to use to hold my micromouse was a cardboard box from Mbed. I always wanted to find a suitable snack food box to fit my mouse perfectly, as long as with my other parts such as batteries and charger, bluetooth module. etc. I’ve been to several market such as walmart, ralph’s, target, unfortunately I couldn’t find such a small and fit plastic locker box. The containers there were either too tall or too large, all I can guess is probably the ideal container I wanted is more like a Asian style container since they tend to eat less food.? Anyway, I was lucky enough after all, and found a food container with 2 individual slots, each one can fit a mouse perfectly( I brought my tape measure when I was there 🙂 ). The place I got this container is actually a Korean market located in Irvine.(Asian Place? LOL)

The brand is called lock & lock, appropriately an America brand, however cost me so much trouble to find it in a America store 🙂 . I did notice that similar products are available on, but I won’t be able to measure the details of the container if I want it perfect fit, guess I was just lucky.

If you happened live in United States, and happened to have trouble to find a suitable container for you mouse, it’s won’t be a bad idea to try some Asian Supermarkets.

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4 thoughts on “Found a proper container for my mouse

  1. yeah, mine is HPL815, and I am going to buy more next week on the way drive to LA. the one you mentioned is perfect to hold single mouse, Thanks for the link 🙂 How was Minos?

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