2018 Taiwan micromouse and intelligent robot contest Results | Maps | Videos UPDATED…

龍華科大獲得「競速自走車」大專組第1、2名及國際組第1名。Source of this photo: Link

The 14th TMIRC(Taiwan Micromouse&Intelligent Robot Contest)was taken place at Taiwan Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, on Sunday, September 16th.

Classic Micromicrouse


Both blue and green paths are short enough to be the obvious choice for a typical best path. I personally believe the blue one is slightly faster since most of the players were dealing diagonal more conservatively than the straight path. This maze isn’t an easy one to be explored in order to get the shortest path with only one departure and returning search. In fact, the overall searching pattern favored by straight orientaed floodfill algorithm instead of diagonal ones since the top 3 were typical straight oriented search algorithm users. Here is the ranking:


Half-Size Micromouse


3 typical paths, while the green one is the most obvious one to make the best score. Here is the ranking:





========================= Video ==========================

Classic Micromouse:
First Place – HippoC


Second Place – Excel-9


Third Place – Black Shadow


Forth Place – Diu Dow 4


Sixth Place – Zeetah VII


Half SIze Micromouse:

Second Place – Ning6A1


Third Place – Suiran-hs



3rd place – JetCartis


4th place – Ning302


Thanks Mr Cai, Xin-Han for all the information!




1 thought on “2018 Taiwan micromouse and intelligent robot contest Results | Maps | Videos UPDATED…

  1. For the half size, the blue and green routes are the same length although the green should be faster (but you knew that!).

    Neither route is the shortest possible.

    The black route is way longer. I can’t see any mouse wanting to take that.

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