2018 APEC Micromouse Contest Maze, Scores & Results / Program / Video

The 32nd APEC Micromouse Competition was held on March 5th, 2018 at San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

There are typically 3 paths for this maze, marked in blue and pink and green, where all of them have really close cell counts. Since the run time is totally depends on the turn/straight speed specs, therefore I have no conclusion which path can be the fastest one without any further analysis.

Here are the detailed scores for all entries:

Click the image above to get a more detailed view.

Surprisingly, 2 Chinese team from Tianjin University captured top 2 places with 2 different search/speed run strategies. The mouse Lightening McQueen makes the search faster with a relatively slow first speed run, and the mouse Long- Turbo 2.0 reduced the search speed however being more radical on its first speed run. Both strategies worked really well then, and considering the fact that the mouse Red Comet searched slow as expected(a typically Japanese mouse style since a hyper fast search is not being rewarded in All Japan Micromouse Contest), and Decimus 5a from Peter Harrison went out of luck for its first 2 runs, the Chinese teams for the first time ever captured the 1st and the 2nd places in the APEC history.

For the fastest run part, no doubt red comet is still the fastest by far. with the 5.123s time to win the fastest run award again.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the APEC this year due to my SLOW progress on my new mouse. May be it’s the time to catch up for the up coming Taiwan Contest on September.

APEC 2018 Program (provided by Mr. David Otten)

Also thanks for Mr. Harjit Singh to provide all detailed score and the maze.



center top camera from Mr. David Otten


1st Place, video taken by Mr. Zhangqi Kang

Video below are from Prof Su

2nd place:


3rd place fast runs:


Compilation made by Mr. Derek Hall

1 thought on “2018 APEC Micromouse Contest Maze, Scores & Results / Program / Video

  1. Thank you for your update.We were looking forward to meet you in APEC micromouse contest. It is regret that you can’t go to this competition this year.
    In 2015, that was the first time I attended the APEC Micromouse Contest with Lightening Mcqueen v4.1. At that time, I felt it was very difficult to get into the top five. Winning the championship is something we never dreamed of, but now we have achieved it. In the past four years, I and my teammates have gone through too much diffcult under such a micromouse environment in tianjin. There are too much unspeakable things. Fortunately, we have already overcome. Thanks to my teammates,you guys are the best!

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