Presentation video and slides at Minos 2016

I was asked by Mr Peter Harrison if I was able to contribute something for Minos 2016 hosted at UK. I took some of my times and made a pre-recorded video to intemperate the idea of the power system design on my latest Micromouse, Green Giant 5.17V.

The subject of the presentation is:

Why design a High Efficiency Power Supply System for Micromouse with Vacuum Design

Here is the Video I recorded and uploaded onto the Youtube.

Here is a copy of the slide in PDF for your reference: Link


Feel free to ask question at comment section.



5 thoughts on “Presentation video and slides at Minos 2016

  1. Hello.

    Great video you did there. Thanks for taking the time and effort!
    I would alos be interested in the design/layout of the suction fan itself.
    How did you do it? Was the geometry calculated, did you do a lot of experimentation.
    Since you carefully choose all the electronic components to give you a good efficiency I am lead to believe that you also choose your fan blade geometry in a schientific way. I think there is also a lot of potential by doing so.

    Would you mind sharing some data for this aspect of your design.
    I would love to here your thougths on this topic.

    Good luck with your robotics projects.

    Greetings from Austria

    • I am planning to put details on my site for my lasted mouse.
      However, I am really busy now days, so it will have to be postponed.
      There are some other reason I don’t want to post it right way since there are some problems for my current circuit. I don’t want to post a incorrect version of the circuit to mislead people.
      I will public the equation of my fan blades, but it is not guaranteed to be the most efficient design.

  2. Can you share a link to videos of the rest Minos 2016 talks?

    Thanks for this post!! Really interesting this presentation!

    • I don’t have the rest of the video.
      Peter is the one supposed to have it but I don’t know why he hasn’t post anything on his website.

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