2015 All Japan Micromouse Competition Results|Maps|Videos Updating…

Classic Micromouse Expert group Final Results:

Green Path: 113 cells  17 turns

Purple Path: 88 cells   34 turns

The 1st and 2nd places chose the purple path, and they are vacuum design

The 6th place(Ng BengKiat) chose the green path, however he only made 1 speed without the max setting

Rank: (source)

classic expert rank 2015 japan

Video for first place Mouse:  Diu-Gow made by (Xin-Han Cai)蔡欣翰 (video source)

portrait of the winner micromouse: (source)

Group picture of top 6 places: (source)


Half-Size Micromouse Expert group Final Results

Rank: (source)

half size expert rank 2015 japan


2015 japan half

Video for first place Mouse:  Sapphire made by (Yuki Matsui)松井 祐樹 (video source)

Portrait of the winner mouse: (source)



Robo-Tracer Final Results:


robotracer rank 2015 japan



Robotracker japan 2015

Video for first place RoboTracer:  CartisX04 made by (Hirai Masataka)平井 雅尊 (video source)

Portrait of winner robot: (Source)

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