2015 All America Micromouse Competition Video/Gallery

aamc 2015 maze temp

The event was successfully held on May 10th, 2015 by UCLA IEEE at UCLA Campus. I will talk more about this event if I have time. Here are the videos.

Cam 1:


Cam 2:(60fps)


Cam 3: (online streaming Cam from UCLA IEEE)


Run for GreenGiant 4.2 (merged and synchronized from 2 cameras)


Photo Gallery: Link



The maze is same layout that used for 2012 CAMM at UCSD, except the starting corner is different. Therefore I ran my mouse from the corner that at 2012 CAMM after the competition. I was be able to achieve a much faster speed compare to what I can do at 2012, what a progress for me.

Here is the video for my test run after 2015 AAMC for a 2012 CAMM maze:

Here is the video I took for the winner mouse at 2012 CAMM:

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