APEC 2015 Maze and Results

2015 APEC Micromouse Contest was held at Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC, on March 16th 2015.

There were 20 mice competing and the Contest started at 8PM EST, lasted for 2 hours.

I wasn’t be able to join this “carnival” due to some very unfortunate reason, but I still maze and results right before and after the contest.

Here is the Maze I re-sketched.

APEC 2015 with path

Where the Green and Purple paths are likely the two path would have the shortest time.

Here is the link for excel version for maze simulation for those who follow my Futura course.  Excel Version


The Results are as follow: APEC 2015 results

Mr Utsunomiya Masakazu capture the first place this year. He was also the winner of 2014 All Japan Micromouse Competition.

2nd place was captured by the mouse Dao-Hu, made by Mr XIN-HAN Cai, a undergraduate student from Lunghwa University of Science and Technology.

3rd place and best student was awarded to Diu-Gow, made by Mr Tsung-Chun Ho, a graduate student from Lunghwa University of Science and Technology.


Here is the program with detailed introduction of all entries:


Thanks Mr David Otten to provide this.


Thanks for Mr Xin-Han Cai and Mr Harjit Singh to provide me the maze info as well as the results.

I will link videos as soon as they are available. The APEC 2016 Micromouse Contest will be at Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California, on March 21st, 2016. Hopefully more people will be able to participate next year 😀

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