Project Futura

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The word Futura, by the meaning of “Future”, suggests it’s the future of our Micromouse program.

I established this program funded by UCLA IEEE this year, by offering returning members or experience IEEE Micromouse members with a pre-made high performance low cost Kit Mouse, to teach them all concepts in a reversed order: first software than hardware, to guarentee they will be able to apply the knowledge to the robot immediately after lecture, without waiting for their own hardware to build. They will be more confident to make their own hardware afterwards and less efforts will be taken for code migrating.

Thanks for the help from David Wang and Jeremy Haugen to help me finishing assembling all kit mice over Winter break and giving some of the lectures.

Each kit only costs $150 including 3 sets of batteries(6 x 3.7V 120mah 25C lipo to make 3 sets), 2 lipo chargers, one FTDI board one ST-Link V2 programmer and one bluetooth adaptor for debugging.

However, they must design their own Hardware for any competition, and we will take Kitmouse back for other people to use for next year.


before you start here, I assume you’ve already known some basic knowledges of micromouse. If not, please visit the link here and read all slides provided by UCLA IEEE: Link

Course Setting and Materials

Template with all basic functions: Link

Schematic for Futura Kit Mouse: mousePCB         Encoder

Gerber files for Futura Kit Mouse: mousePCB         Encoder

Library you might need to make your own mouse: Link

Lecture 1:       Slides      Video       Intro+Peripherals setting      Tests needed for template

Lecture 2:       Slides      Video       Peripherals Introduction

Lecture 3:       Slides      Video       Controller      Testing Guide   Sample Code

Lecture 4:       Slides      Video       Floodfill          Simulation Files    Path choose demo

Lecture 5:       Slides      Video       Parts/design choices Part1      Video coming soon

Lecture 6:       Slides      Video       Parts/design choices Part2      battery/gadgets choices

Lecture 7:       Slides      Video       Curve Turn     Simulation Profile Generator

Lecture 8:       Slides      Video       PCB Design Guide

Guide for Mounting Encoder/Motor: Link

Motor mount/wheel 3D printing file(makerbot replicator): Link


A demo of how a kit mouse can perform

Search and speed run

Diagonal speed run