Final Test Video for APEC 2013

I pretty much got what I planned for APEC, and I don’t want to make diagonal turn at this moment. Here is the spec for my mouse for now

minimum search speed 0.7m/s

maximum search speed 1.5m/s

maximum speed run speed 3m/s(can go 4m/s but tend to be less stable)

acceleration and deceleration : 11.6 m/s/s (because it’s 1 encoder count/ms/ms  🙂 like easy number)

curve turn  0.5m/s   (this one limited my running speed)

clearly my curve run limited my running speed since I have to reduce speed in order to match the speed for curve turn every time I need to make a turn. I tried a 0.9m/s curve turn but it slipped too much. If I have time, I will make a 0.7m/s curve turn so my minimum search speed can go up to 1m/s(I like easy number 🙂 ) so my mouse doesn’t need to decelerate that much for speed run.

I took several videos

final test video

zig zag test video

straight run test

That’s all I’ve got for APEC this year.




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