2023 AAMC(All America Micromouse Competition)

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AAMC 2023 will be once again hosted on UCLA campus on May 28th 2023 by IEEE student branch at UCLA.

Competition Signup Form: Sign Up Link

Competition Ruleset: AAMC 2023 Ruleset

Competition Schedule: AAMC 2023 Schedule

Google Drive Folder: Folder Link

AAMC 2023 Discord Server: Server Invite Link


UCLA Micromouse Contact Information:


Discord (UCLA Micromouse): https://discord.gg/wyx3u8RH4q



Teams should sign up at the form linked above by two days prior to the competition (11:59PM on May 26th, 2023).

If you need parking, please sign up using the form earlier by 11:59PM on May 7th, 2023 to ensure parking availability.

For those interested in spectating, please also fill out the sign up form so we can ensure that we do not exceed the maximum capacity of our rooms during the competition.


We will be able to provide limited parking for this event, more information will be released as we approach the competition date.

Overnight Worksession

An overnight worksession will be held the night before the competition.

  • Tesla Room in Engineering IV. (If you are not able to get into the building, contact Megan or Nathan).
  • Worksession starts at 8PM, and runs until the morning.
    • A full size maze similar to the final competition one will be available for students to test.
  • We will still have a sleeping room set aside in the Maxwell room for students who want to get some rest before the competition.
    • Note: you have to bring your own sleeping implements, so keep that in mind.
  • Snack and refreshments will be provided “hackathon” style
  • Breakfast will be provided in the morning


Link for original info sheet: Link


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