2017 Taiwan micromouse and intelligent robot contest Results | Maps | Videos UPDATING…

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The 13th TMIRC(Taiwan Micromouse&Intelligent Robot Contest)was taken place at Taiwan Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, on Sunday, September 24th.

Classic Micromicrouse


Although the speed run path is straight forward and unique, the searching process is much harder due massive openings with zig-zag patterns. In general, the maze is designed to favor diagonal oriented search algorithm. Certain not-over-complicated diagonal oriented algorithm can find the best path with only one departing and returning search.

Classic Micromouse Ranking
Rank Origin Mice Name
1 Singapore Excel-9a Tzong-Yong Khiew
2 Taiwan Hippo C Liao, Huan-Jie
3 Japan Red Comet Utsunomiya Masakazu

Detailed score:

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Half-Size Micromouse


The speed run path showed in blue is also unique. Since the search time isn’t counted for best score, the best is more likely to be found with certain redundant back-and-forth search before the speed run. Similar to the classic size maze, the half size maze speed run path is featured with very few turns and several long diagonal straight paths.

Half-Size Ranking
Rank Origin Mice Name
1 Singapore Ning 6 BengKiat Ng
2 Japan Kojimouse12 Hirokazu Kojima
3 Japan Suiran(翠嵐) Utsunomiya Masakazu


Detailed score:

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Since half size micromouse is much harder than full size, the best score is only taken from the fast run within a 10 minute window or 5 run limit (whichever comes first).



Robotracer Ranking
Rank Origin Robot Name
1 Taiwan Shine Li, Sheng-Siang
2 Japan Cartis04.5D Hirai Masatka
3 Taiwan Teatable V2 Wu, Zhao-Yi


Detailed score:

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========================= Video ==========================


1st place


2nd place


3rd place


Half Size:

1st place Ning 7


2nd place Kojimouse 12


3rd place Suiran


4th place Excel mini 4


5th place mini Diu-Gow


Thanks Mr Cai, Xin-Han  and Prof. Su for providing me the most update information.





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        • Since Prof. Su only post the video for the one who successfully made the speed run(and capture 1st place), all I can tell is the one in the video is running with fan due to its speed. It’s either he had both of his mice with fan or at least has one mouse with fan(the one performed in the video). The name collecting for the competition isn’t that accurate based from my own observation.

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