APEC 2014 Micromouse Contest Mice and Maze


APEC 2014 maze_resize


Here is the link of Program for all Mice: Link


APEC2014 Turtle 32 U_resizeTurtle 32U APEC2014 Hao hu_resize

Dau HuAPEC2014 Green Giant V4.1_resize

Green Giant V4.1APEC2014 MM-7A_resize

MM-7AAPEC2014 Decimus 4_resize

Decimus 4APEC2014 Tetra_resize

TetraAPEC2014 PicOne Turbo_resize

PicOne TurboAPEC2014 MITEE 13_resize

MITEE13APEC2014 Fab1_resize

FAB1APEC2014 Tsubasa_resize

TsubasaAPEC2014 MicroTaur_resize

MicroTaurAPEC2014 Zeetah 6_resize

Zeetah VI


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