Author Topic: check out my break out  (Read 13907 times)


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check out my break out
« on: September 04, 2013, 02:00:28 PM »
I made a break out board of the Freescale k20. It is the same circuitry as the Teensy 3.0 minus some of the filtering components. The second processor on the board is one that I had to buy from Teensy. Apparently it has a program on it to make the chip compatible with the Teensy modified Arduino IDE. But the USB goes staight to the K20 chip' so I am hoping I can still program it using Freescales Codewarrior IDE using assembly language.

The PCB was made by Oshpark. They are quick with turn around times of two weeks. The biggest difficulty using them was getting their online design approval software to approve the greber files. I have not used anyone else so I have nothing to compare it to. Oshpark has a .dru (design rules) file to help with checking the design in Eaglecad.

 I would like to change the smaller pads for the 0805s(the resistors) And longer pads for the QFP (the k20 chip).

Continuity and checking for shorts was done with a multimeter.  But I have not received the header pins yet. So no programming testing.

See anything you like or dislike?

 :(********warning, I never could get this to work correctly. Maybe you all can still find this useful***************
I ended up just going back and am currently learning 8-Bit Atmel AVRs. Using AtmelStudio6 for an IDE and a Atmel Programmer instead of a bootloader and FTDI.
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Re: check out my break out
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2013, 10:07:54 PM »
that looks really cool! good work!